Saturday, May 29th, 2004: The Boob Tube

This Saturday evening marked a historic first for The Daybreak as the band journeyed outside the familiar borders of Metro Toronto for the first time to take the stage of The Boob Tube in St. Catharines. The boys were happy to be invited to play the one year anniversary show of The Strange in the city which Brock University calls home.

The set opened traditionally with "Miss California" before blistering into sonic overdrive with an energetic, punchy and furious rendition of the always popular "Shuffle". Next was the Edge 102 favourite "Twice As High As The Sun" which was paired with a new song, tentatively titled "Echo Song". The slow, wistful ballad met with strong favour. The gradual climax and sparse instrumentation showed yet another side of the band, one which was pulled off quite well. The boys closed the night with "Staircase" and "Don't Be Long". Rob's antics during the final song were the stuff of a true showman and cannot adaqueately be described here.

Thanks to Chris and the rest of The Strange for putting the show together, to the very kind and receptive crowd and to those Daybreak fans who made the trip to cheer us on - cheers to you!

Set List:
1. Miss California
2. Shuffle
3. Twice As High As The Sun
4. Echo Song (eventually named "Try All The Time")
5. Staircase
6. Don't Be Long

Support: The Strange, The Ride Theory, The Vanmarines

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