Friday, March 4th, 2005: The Cat's Eye

A new-look Daybreak took to the stage of U of T’s Cat’s Eye Pub last Friday, refreshed and ready for a big spring and a big summer. With the imminent release of their new EP, “these lines in your eyes”, filming for their first video only 2 weeks away, an increasingly busy press and performance schedule, and a tremendous new guitar player in the fold the band was clearly excited to be back doing what they love best: performing live.

Opening with the traditional “Miss California” the band warmed up the crowd with the bittersweet tune before segueing into a metronome-tight rendition of “Shuffle”. As always the crowd reaction was strong for The Daybreak’s trademark dance song. Next was “Twice As High As The Sun”, a slower groove, filled with dark energy and followed by the Cure-esque “Chance” - littered with dynamic surprises and the endless building and releasing of musical pressure. “Hindsight”, anthemic and powerful as always, served as sonic foreplay to the hugely popular “When I Need You The Most” which proved, dance-wise, simply irresistible to almost everyone in the house. Closing with “Don’t Be Long” was cathartic for the band and the crowd, and the set clearly ranked among The Daybreak’s best.

Thanks for the show go out to Marsha, Tyrone and Jake from the Cat’s Eye, to the other bands for great sets, to Lawrence for his DJ work (always great) and to everyone who came out to the show.

As mentioned above The Daybreak’s January show at Lee’s Palace proved to be Malcolm’s last with the band. We all parted ways on good terms and, most importantly as friends, and the band wishes Malcolm the very best of luck in the future in all of his endeavors. Big thanks to Malcolm from all of us for everything he did for the group over his 7-months.

Finally, The Daybreak played the show with James Bastable on guitar. A very talented Toronto guitar player James brings tremendous skill to the band and is good times as well. We look forward to working with James on all the big plans we are planning for the months ahead.

Set List:
1. Miss California
2. Shuffle
3. Twice As High As The Sun
4. Chance
5. Hindsight
6. When I Need You The Most
7. Don't Be Long

Support: The Flipside Collective, Decitone, DJ Lawrence

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