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Saturday, November 19th, 2004: The Cat's Eye

After much waiting and anticipating The Daybreak finally stormed the U of T campus for another show. The boys happily stepped up to the plate of the Cat’s Eye, a campus pub for a night full of good friends and great music, as the band was joined by DJ Lawrence of Pop Noir fame and the always entertaining Sian Evans and her crew. The only letdown of the night was in and of the fact that the band only just discovered that the Cat’s Eye featured free pool. The disappointment: Frahm is the sole full time U of T boy left. He will have to play for three.

The set opened with “Miss California” which segued into new song “Chance”. With it’s dramatic builds and intricate and passionate breakdown the crowd was clearly impressed with the latest trick pulled from the band’s deep bag. Next up was the always boombastic “Shuffle” and then “Twice As High As The Sun”. “Try All The Time” moved effortlessly into “Hindsight” and “When I Need You The Most” followed. Clearly the crowd was beginning to feel this new song as it got the most intense reaction of the night. As one flattering observer noted: “It has ‘single’ written all over it.” The boys closed the set with “This Is Love”, giving tradition a solid punch in the face to go along with the Artest-esque thumping their sonic assault (read: performance) imposed on the crowd.

All in all, a great night for the crew. Thanks to Tyrone and Marsha for the show, to Tim for the great sound, to Sian et al and Lawrence for superb sets and to the team for the support. Hope that everyone has a good holiday.

Set List:
1. Miss California
2. Chance
3. Shuffle
4. Twice As High As The Sun
5. Try All The Time
6. Hindsight
7. When I Need You The Most
8. This Is Love

Support: Sian Evans, DJ Lawrence