Friday, November 4th: Cat's Eye

The Daybreak returned to the Cat's Eye, an on-campus venue at U of T, to support a very good cause. The evening was a fundraiser for the Stephen Lewis Foundation, which is an organization designed to combat the AIDS epidemic raging in Africa. The night was put together by the North American Model United Nations Group at U of T, and featured performances by The Daybreak, Debaser and Muzo.

The band opened the show with '88', a song that showcases The Daybreak's growing mastery of up-tempo numbers. The Daybreak then followed this up with 'Miss California' and 'Shuffle', which had the crowd buzzing with energy. An emotional version of 'Chance' led into the new track 'Try and Try and Try', an epic song with a catchy guitar and bass line, and complemented by propulsive drums and soaring vocals. The show ended with 'When I Need You The Most' and 'Don't be Long', a powerful way to end any Daybreak show.

Thanks to Tim for doing sound, and to Debaser for joining us. Last, but not least, thanks to Dave Meyer and the North American Model United Nations group at U of T for putting the show together.

Set List:
Miss California
Try and Try and Try
When I Need You The Most
Don't be Long

Support: Debaser, Muzo

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