Saturday, March 27th, 2004: Chestnut Hall

The Daybreak took the stage at Chestnut Hall to put on a show for the students as the academic year neared an end. The crowd in attendance was most receptive to the band's sound and the quick set left many wanting more. The band opened with a powerful 'Staircase' before moving into the ever popular 'Lies About Your Life'. They closed out the set with the Big 3: 'Hindsight', 'Shuffle' and 'Twice As High As The Sun'.

Thanks for the show go out to Jon Golli, Sean and Dylan Rae at SAC and to everyone who came out.

Set List:
1. Staircase
2. Lies About Your Life
3. Hindsight
4. Shuffle
5. Twice As High As The Sun

Support: Epsilon, State of Mind, Shorty

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