CIUT Radio Transcript: April 7th, 2003

Taken from The Daybreak's interview on CIUT Radio, Tuesday, April 7th, 2003.

CL=Cara Loverock (Interviewer)
TM=Tessa Malisani (Producer)

CL: And welcome to CIUT 89.5 this is Over A Cup of Coffee, we're starting off today with the band The Daybreak, welcome guys.

ALL: Hello.

CL: I've got Rob, Shoe, Mike and Pat, right?

ALL: Right.

CL: So, your band is called The Daybreak, where did that name come from?

SM: Well, it's actually one of our favourite bands, The Stone Roses had a track called Daybreak, so we thought it would kind of be a catchy title, I like it. It's energetic.

CL: I like it.

RD: So far, so good.

PB: Did you know that there's other bands called The Daybreak?

SM: There are other bands in the US called The Daybreak but we own them.

PB: That's true, I'm sorry.

SM: It's alright.

CL: But you're the only Canadian one?

SM: Exactly. We'll take care of them when the time comes.

CL: So you took that from a Stone Roses song, what other bands, is that an influence on you?

RD: Yeah, definitely. Stone Roses, The Verve, Oasis, for me.

SM: Mike enjoys a different sort of ...

MD: Yeah, different stuff. Get Up Kids, The Pumpkins, Hum, that sort of thing.

CL: Right.

SM: What about you, Pat?

PB: Oh, I'm all about the singer songwriter stuff, Hayden action ...

MD: Cat Stevens.

PB: Cat Stevens, for sure.

CL: We've got a bit of .... OK, It's taken care of.

SM: Good vibes.

CL: (Laughs) OK, so you guys have a show coming up on the 15th ...

SM: At the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, it's an Edge new music night.

RD: We go on at twelve, so it should be good.

SM: We played there, what twice?

RD: Yeah, our first show was there in August and again in October and they wanted us back so we're headlining the new music night, which will be good. There's going to be a big Japanese band called MONO playing and what's the other band called? Maroon 5, BMG band from the States. They'll be on a bit earlier.

MD: And it's free.

CL: Oh, it's free?

MD: That's the best deal.

CL: What kind of music are you guys, do you play?

MD: Just rock music.

SM: It's guitar driven, British influenced I think, guitar music. I mean, we try to incorportate some groove, psychadelic stuff. We try and change it up - pop songs, longer jams.

PB: We really take it up and chop it out, you know what I'm saying?


SM: Yes, whatever that means.

RD: Some of the songs are short, sweet pop songs, people will compare to The Beatles, we've heard Coldplay tossed around. And some of them are a bit harder, like you've interviewed BRMC, got some stuff that's akin to Black Rebel, My Bloody Valentine, of course Stone Roses, we're starting to incorporate a lot of dance beats ...

SM: Yeah, we're trying to make it so that people when they come our shows they can't help but dance. We want our songs to make people move.

PB: Right.

CL: I heard you guys opened for The Music?

SM: Yeah, that was February ...

RD & MD: 19th.

SM: Yeah, the 19th. It was pretty cool.

RD: Fantastic show, sold out at Lee's Palace, 500 people.

SM: Most we've ever played to. It was pretty intense.

RD: The place was rammed. It was a lot of fun and a good response afterwards too. We even signed autographs.

SM: I guess a similar fanbase as The Music. I don't think we're trying to do the same thing as them, but certainly catering to people who like that style of music - rock and roll mixed with a dance groove - I think they're doing what we're trying to do, to an extent as well. So..

CL: 500 people? That must have been nerve-racking?

RD: No it was thrilling.

CL: Really?

RD: After the first show at the Horseshoe I couldn't help but say that I wish there were more people there. I mean, it was a good crowd but I wanted the flood filled. It was great, and fantastically fun, there were people at the front of the stage right from the minute they opened the doors all the way to the back, and just seeing every spot on the floor filled, the place was completely full, people were into it, do it again anytime.

SM: I think the most nerve-racking thing, for me at least, is just the technical thing, making sure that everything's working. As far as playing for people, the more the better.

CL: I've had other people that said that. Like I'm more afraid of breaking a string on my guitar than looking out and seeing a bunch of people.

SM: Yeah, because our third show, I think at Lee's Palace, we had some serious technical issues and put, you know a real dent in the evening. I mean everything else was good, but those kind of things are frustrating. 500 people, I mean, it's OK. We've been nervous for different shows, I mean Rob was pretty nervous for one show, I was pretty nervous one show.

MD: I don't ever get nervous.

SM: Mike's a rock. And Patty's ...

RD: Pat's just getting started.

SM: Pat's in the zen zone, so he's alright. Also helps to have a couple of drinks - apple juice of course.

CL: Ahhh. So what's the big hit you guys have?

SM: The big hit?

CL: Are we calling it a big hit?

RD: For sure. Hopefully one day soon.

SM: We'll we've had a few songs played on CIUT but we just recorded a new track called Fall Apart which we're trying to push and I think it's gotten a lot of favourable responses at all the live shows.

RD: The song you're going to play, we've gotten e-mails for a little fanbase around the world, people from Australia, United Kingdom, Germany,

MD: Belgium.

RD: Belgium.

CL: That's impressive.

RD: Yeah we get a lot of people from all over the place really enjoying it. Probably more from overseas joining our mailing list than people in Toronto right now. But a lot of favourable responses. It's our first real proper recording.

SM: And you can download it off our website, In the audio section.

CL: Yeah, I was going to ask how they would access it.

SM: Yeah, we're going to sell some CD's at our shows, but for all those people in Waterloo and such that want to hear it ...

RD: Everyone in Burma go the website.

CL: Alright, well I think Tess is going to put that song on for us. And she can't talk, that's right. Sorry Tessa. Do you want to intro it?

PB: Ah, OK. This is Fall Apart by The Daybreak.


Fall Apart plays

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