Interview Transcript: 102.1 The Edge

The following is a transcript of Shoe’s April 1st interview with Dave Bookman of 102.1 The Edge which also included the international radio debut of ‘Twice As High As The Sun’.

DB = Dave Bookman
SM = Shoe

DB: 102.1 The Edge, Bookie here with you and we’re going to take a minute here to take a look at a gig happening next Tuesday at The Mod Club Theatre, it’s going to feature our friends from the U.S., stellastarr*, and a little bit of homecooking with The Daybreak, Shoe’s on the line, how you doing man?

SM: Good. How are you Dave?

DB: I’m doing OK. It’s been a gas watching you guys develop and working on some gigs with you. It was real nice to have one of the songs on your latest release recorded live at The Horseshoe, I always take pride in that.

SM: Actually, the two of them, on our E.P. …

DB: Right, right.

SM: Were from our Edge Nu Music Nite last April and it was a real honour to do it and we’re actually going to be doing another one in May probably.

DB: OK, so people who this might be their first introduction to the band, give them the thumbnail sketch of The Daybreak.

SM: Well, we started in November of 2001 that’s when myself and Rob Domagala, the other guitarist, and Mike Dawson we all met and we decided to try our hand at music, and we solidified the lineup in March with our bass player, Pat Bramm and we’re basically just a four-piece rock band inspired by, you know, British music, trying to take our influences from The Stone Roses, Oasis, The Verve, Joy Division and trying to create our own unique sound in the Toronto scene.

DB: You know it’s funny because, the name of the band, which is The Daybreak, and sort of the artwork on the record are contradictory of each other. The artwork gives it a sort of cold, sterile feel – it’s almost like Pink Floyd’s ‘Animals’ – that Battersea Power Station sort of a cold, warehouse look – and yet the name of the band and feeling in the music gives out something more optimistic.

SM: Well, actually I’ve never really thought about that, I guess we’re a band fraught with contradictions. The name actually comes from a Stone Roses track from the ‘Second Coming’ album …

DB: Wow, wait a second, wait a second, I’ve got somebody who can actually name a song of the ‘Second Coming’ besides ‘Ten Story Love Song’? We have a weiner!

SM: I know a lot of people at The Edge didn’t really dig the ‘Second Coming’ album …

DB: The Edge? Come on, a lot of people on the planet didn’t dig the ‘Second Coming’!

SM: Well, to be fair I think it’s a highly underrated album and I think if you look at the progression Oasis took after that album came out, and a lot of British bands, I really think that it had an influence in terms of the heavier sound.

DB: No, absolutely. And you know what, if it wasn’t for that show, down by the lake there, maybe that record would have had a chance. That, easily, was the worst show ever in the history of rock music, that Stone Roses show.

SM: That’s what I hear, unfortunately. But I have about fifteen of their live show from that tour …

DB: Right.

SM: … and some of them are quite good.

DB: Right. We’re talking with Shoe from The Daybreak. Hey, you’re going to be playing the show with stellastarr* at The Mod Club Theatre, that is a really new and very, I think an important new venue on the Toronto music scene.

SM: Yeah it’s really cool, I’ve had a chance to go down there and I really enjoy The Mod Club on Fridays and Saturdays and this new place is really quite nice – I haven’t had a chance to see a show there but it kind of reminds me of The Phoenix in terms of its set up, it should be really exciting, hopefully it should be a good time.

DB: What can we look for now, what’s the summer plans for The Daybreak?

SM: Well we’re going to try to play as many shows as we can in Toronto like we always do, and all of our shows are always free – if you go to our website,, you can always get on our guestlist. We’ve played most of our shows in Toronto but we’re going to look to play outside you know in terms of Hamilton and London, hopefully Montreal and Ottawa – we’re working on new material that’s up on our website as well and just try to get some more good opening slots and try to stir up some more interest in Toronto.

DB: Shoe, let’s put some Edge listeners and new Daybreak fans at the show, why don’t you tell us what you’ve been gracious enough to give us?

SM: This is actually one of our new tracks that we’ve been working on – we put our E.P. out in September and we’ve been working on some new songs and this is the first track that we’ve finished mixing, it’s called ‘Twice As High As The Sun’ – I think it’s the best thing that we’ve done so far and hopefully people enjoy it and dig it.

‘Twice As High As The Sun’ international radio debut.

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