Friday, May 27th, 2005: 102.1 The Edge - Steamwhistle Indie Club

On a night that the weather seemed destined to conspire against the band with vicious and crowd-deterring thunderstorms, The Daybreak took to the stage on a beautiful evening with the studio doors of 102.1 The Edge wide-open and the crowd ready for the set which the band had already guaranteed would be a "barn-burner". The station was hyping the band's set well in advance of their performance and the packed house was in the mood for the kind of rock that The Daybreak provides: loud.

The band opened the set with an extended "Only Everything", which moved seamlessly from mysterious to boombastic to epic. Next up was "Miss California", the Edge favourite, and then into the rat-a-tat-tat of "Shuffle".

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, The Daybreak perform loud, apparently too loud, and, 2 songs into the set the PA cut out. The band soldiered on, not wanting to disappoint the many fans in the studio and crowded onto the sidewalk outside and performed truly superb acoustic versions of "Hindsight" and "Twice As High As The Sun" before calling it a night. The Edge has plans to invite us back again later in the summer and we'll do it up right then. Thanks go, of course, to everyone who came out for the show - especially to Connor and his crew for coming so far. Thanks also to Barry Taylor at The Edge for the show and to Adam who was fantastic for providing so many on-air plugs and for putting up with the trouble we created. We're looking forward to doing it again.

Set List:
Planned Set
1. Only Everything
2. Miss California
3. Shuffle
4. Twice As High As The Sun
5. When I Need You The Most
6. This Is Love

Performed Set
1. Only Everything
2. Miss California
3. Shuffle
4. Hindsight*
5. Twice As High As The Sun*
* - Performed acoustically\

Support: A great crowd.

Photos from the Show:

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