Friday, September 23rd, 2005: 102.1 The Edge - Steamwhistle Indie Club

Kaboom! Fresh off their successful "back-to-school" show at The Horseshoe, The Daybreak took to the stage of Canada's most popular alternative rock radio station, 102.1 The Edge, and performed for a mix of old and new fans. Although their last Edge performance was cut short by a blown PA, the band was able to play a complete set on this night, and it was clearly worth the wait as the band fully delivered on their on-air promise of a "barnburner".

Opening with "Miss California" set up the night properly, like a good tee shot on a par four. The approach was pristine, with the Edge favourite "Twice As High As The Sun". The rare treat of "Staircase" showed off the group's dynamic abilities and "88" had the whole crowd infected with the strong groove. "When I Need You The Most" saw solid crowd participation (pleasing Mike immensely) and "This Is Love" closed the night out with big time rock muscle, like one-putting after a beautiful wedge approach (had to close with a golf metaphor).

Thanks to Barry Taylor for the show, Darryl for all the on-air promo and a great interview prior to the set, as well as Face at the Edge. Thanks also to everyone who showed up and, especially, to those of your who clapped along. Grazie. Sė.

Set List:

1. Miss California
2. Twice As High As The Sun
3. Staircase
4. 88
5. When I Need You The Most
6. This Is Love

Support: Rien.

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