Thursday, March 18th, 2004: The El Mocambo

The Daybreak vaulted on to the stage of The El Mocambo for the second time last Thursday and delivered a powerful set to a full house. The band was happy to share the stage with Showroom and Dan Gorman on this night.

Opening the set with "Miss California" as usual, the band then segued into the popular and anthemic "Hindsight". Next up was a furious version of "Shuffle" in which Rob, playing in his usually ferocious manner, needed to rip a string from his mangaled SG in order to complete the song. The band then moved to "Twice As High As The Sun" - freshly mixed and ready for download - before closing with the pairing of "This Is Love" and "Don't Be Long" - one not directly following the other in a Daybreak set since their show with 'The Music' last February. The energy and endlessness of the latter song left many in the club awestruck.

Thanks to Showroom and Michael Chambers for organizing the show as well as Yvonne, and to everyone who came out to support the team.

Set List:
1. Miss California
2. Hindsight
3. Shuffle
4. Twice As High As The Sun
5. This Is Love
6. Don't Be Long

Support: Showroom, Dan Gorman

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