Friday, August 6th, 2004: The Orbital Room

Owing to the fact that both Frahm and Mike hail from Oakville, The Daybreak elected to perform in the hometown of 50% of the band on this Friday night. The boys played two sets for a strong collection of fans from around the GTA on a cool autumn night under the west-end stars. Dubbed the "No Excuses" show by the group, the band played a strong show and the crowd responded in kind. (Please note: none of us can remember why we decided to call this show "No Excuses" - the general consensus is that there was some sort of wrestling pay-per-view airing around the same time which was actually called "No Excuses". Sounds like it probably featured Stone Cold Steve Austin. Just wanted to clear that up.)

The two sets showcased a variety of material from the Daybreak catalogue, including the crowd pleasers: "Shuffle", "Twice As High As The Sun", "Miss California", "Hindsight" and "Don't Be Long", among others. The band also offered up some of the rarely heard cult classics from past shows (ex. "Lies About Your Life") and even some songs never before performed by the group. Pat stepped to the mic during the second set to perform "The Picard Song", an impassioned love letter to his past which the Frahm had privately recorded with new Daybreak guitarist Malcolm Maclure about two years previous. Two sets allowed the band to showcase the breadth and depth of the material they have been writing and performing over the past two years. "It's amazing when I think that there is still at least half of our catalogue that was not performed at all tonight, even with the opportunity to play 15-20 songs" said Mike after the show. "This was a lot of fun though, getting to dig into the vault and have the opportunity to really open up the night song-wise. Usually when we're constructing a set it's a battle of atrition. There are maybe 5 or 6 songs that have to go into every set, at least right now, because of the reaction they get from the crowd, so we eliminate a lot of material right off the bat. This was fun, and kind of nostalgic too."

The band used the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to their advantage. The fun the boys were having onstage was evident. Frahm, for whom much of the crowd had come in support, took full advantage by thursting throughout, frequently walking off-stage and just generally putting on a show of which Mick Jagger might be jealous. Thanks to everyone who came out, to the staff at The Orbital Room and to The Oak for being a great place to come home to.

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