Thursday, June 11th, 2005: The Gladstone Hotel

THE DAYBREAK AT THE 2005 NXNE FESTIVAL: Headlining the MapleNationWide Showcase

North By North-East. Always good times - a ton of great bands and even more music fans trying to see as much as possible in 3 nights that go by all too quickly. For the third year in a row The Daybreak was thrilled to be headlining an NXNE showcase, this year at the very renovated and very sexy Gladstone Hotel. As usual the band took full opportunity of the ... um, opportunity and performed a blistering set of big rock.

Opening the set with "When I Need You The Most" - the most popular Daybreak song since "Shuffle" - the band reached out and grabbed the attention of everyone in the club. In spite of the late hour and many drinks (by the band and the spectators) the intensity was high for this relentless tune. Next up was the Edge radio favourite "Miss California", the outstanding melody and comfortable off-time of the classic opener saw more than a handful of those in the crowd singing along. "Shuffle" followed and the sweat pouring from each of James, Pat, Shoe and Mike is a testament to just how hard the band played on this night. "Twice As High As The Sun" followed; (thankfully) slowing the breakneck speed of the set and offering the crowd and the band respite for the homestretch. "Only Everything" was the penultimate song: it's big chorus and dark verses resonated off the brick and wood of the old room for a fantastic natural reverb; "This Is Love" closed the set off just right. Ahh. As one fan noted afterwards: "I felt sorry for the floor tom". Clearly a good performance.

Thanks go to those people who made it out to the show, to Francisco and Connie at The Gladstone, and to everyone at NXNE for the great time as usual.

Set List:
1. When I Need You The Most
2. Miss California
3. Shuffle
4. Twice As High As The Sun
5. Only Everything
6. Don't Be Long

Support: Ben Ratliff, The Lovely Feathers, junk tv, The Garden's Faithful, Friday Morning's Regret

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