Thursday, March 31st: The Gladstone Hotel

For the first time ever The Daybreak brought their live antics to the stage of the historic Gladstone Hotel, certainly one of the most photogenic venues at which the band has yet performed. Of course, there are no photos from the show. However, those in attendance can attest to the strong visual and sonic performance put on by the band on this night.

The band opened with 'Miss California' and then moved seamlessly into 'Twice As High As The Sun', particularly deep, tight and aggressive on this night. The band then moved into a very punchy version of 'Hindsight' - fresh off filming a video for the song, the band seemed to approach the veteran tune with a new perspective. Next up was 'Staircase', not performed live in some time and clearly missed, judging by the response of the crowd. 'Staircase' segued brilliantly into 'Shuffle' which was followed by 'Chance'. The infectious and increasingly popular 'When I Need You The Most' closed out the night in fine style.

Thanks to Wannamaker for organizing the night, also to DJ Green Light Bandit and The Flipside Collective for great performances, to Adam for the excellent sound and to everyone who came out to the show.

Set List:
1. Miss California
2. Twice As High As The Sun
3. Hindsight
4. Staircase
5. Shuffle
6. Chance
7. When I Need You The Most

Support: Wannamaker, The Flipside Collective, DJ Green Light Bandit

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