Tuesday, April 15th: The Horseshoe

On Tuesday, April 15, The Daybreak took to the stage of The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern for the third time. The show was a part of the 102.1 The Edge NU MUSIC series at the club and saw the band close a strong show, playing with rising American stars Gavin DeGraw and Maroon 5, as well as Arena Rock Records band MONO from Japan. The Daybreak was the lone independent act on this major label bill and had a fantastic time closing the show to strong reviews.

The band opened the set with one of two new songs, "Miss California", which was quite happily received by the very patient and faithful fans in attendance. The band then moved to a solid rendetion of "Fall Apart", the first single from their upcoming E.P. (Download it in the Audio section.). The band also gave the crowd a number of favourites including "Say Anything" and "Keep Breathing".

The second new song debuted at the show was "Shuffle". With it's up-tempo dance/break-beat and many guitar and bass hooks the song was brilliantly received and left many fans thrilled. The band closed out with the pairing of "Stand In the Sun" and "This Is Love", following the suggestions and very positive feedback from the March 8th show. Of course, The Daybreak threw in "Stepping Stone", always a crowd pleaser and coincidentally, just mixed this week and availble for download immediately after the show (Again, the Audio section is the place to find this new recording.). The crowd was quite pleased with a strong performance from the band, as they continue to evolve and showcase their ever-widening arsenal of songs.

Thanks go out everyone who came, waited patiently, and supported the band. Thanks to all the new friends and fans that we made after the show, Kip for rocking the sound for us, and to Dave Bookman and Craig Laskey for putting on these great nights of new music. Cheers. The Daybreak.

Set List:
1. Miss California
2. Fall Apart
3. Stepping Stone
4. Keep Breathing
5. Shuffle
6. Say Anything
7. Stand In The Sun
8. This Is Love

Support: Gavin DeGraw, Maroon 5, MONO

Photos from the Show:

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