Friday, April 16th, 2004: The Horseshoe Tavern

The Daybreak once again took to the familiar stage of The Horseshoe, following their successful and well received performance with stellastarr*. The large crowd in attendance was pleased at both the performance and the insertion of several new songs into the band's set.

The boys opened with a full-length, intro included 'Staircase' which segued into the more traditional opener of 'Miss California'. The band then moved into their increasingly popular old-school rock tribute 'Lies About Your Life' which was followed by 'Hindsight'. A strong version of the band's trademark 'Shuffle' followed the radio favourite 'Twice As High As The Sun'. The band closed out the set with two well-loved but rarely played tunes: 'Promises Disappear (Let Me Say I'm Sorry)' (affectionately known as 'The Egg' by the band) was brilliant in it's raw emotion and sparse instrumentation; while 'This Is Love' finished the night with a full-on sonic assault. The boys may well have put together their most aggressive and intense version of the closing song yet, with Shoe on the floor and Rob's Strat, mangled and broken, barely clinging to it's strap as Mr. Domagala pummelled the instrument mercilessly.

The Daybreak would like to thank Craig for the show, Kip for the sound, the other bands for great sets, and to everyone who came out to cheer - especially the new fans who made the trek after stellastarr* - hope to see everyone again soon.

Set List:
1. Staircase
2. Miss California
3. Lies About Your Life
4. Hindsight
5. Twice As High As The Sun
6. Shuffle
7. Promises Disappear (Let Me Say I'm Sorry)
8. This Is Love

Support: Wannamaker, The Dunes, Shortwave

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