Monday, August 12, 2002: The Horseshoe

The Daybreak played their debut show at the "legendary" Horseshoe Tavern on Monday, August 12, to a crowd of probably 100 people. Things went exceptionally well for a debut gig with the band apparently sounding "so ridiculously tight it was sick".

The Horseshoe had a crisp mix on the sound and The Daybreak took full advantage of the strong audio to kick their songs into sonic overdrive. Praised for the technical musicianship of the songs and the strong tunes and melodies the band received strong praise after departing the stage. All the songs were well-received with the closing punch of "Stand In The Sun" and the epic "Don't Be Long" being heralded as a "kick in the ass".

Many bar patrons not specifically in attendance for the show were lured to the stage area to witness the sonic assault and duelling guitar play. Mike Dawson's powerhouse drumming and unflaging pounding of the kit well into the seven minute mark of "Don't Be Long" amazed the crowd, while the distorted and feedback-heavy wall of guitars left people pleasantly stunned.

People approached the band afterwards to say that they came in from the bar to hear the performance and loved it. So that is good. Much praise was also lauded unto Shoe's singing, as his unique voice seemed to captivate many of those in attendance. Needless to say there were some first-show jitters to overcome and a few kinks to iron out but all in all the performance was a success and an indication of the amazing things to come.

The Daybreak were also pleased to meet and share the stage with the fine blokes from The Deloreans. The Deloreans took the stage at 11:45 after The Daybreak and also put on a splendid performance, high in energy and wicked crowd involvement. They rallied their fans to take to the dancefloor and were even forced to deliver an encore song. Good luck to The Deloreans! Hopefully you'll see us sharing a stage with them again.

Set List:
1. How Long Can We Wait?
2. Saccharine Days
3. Keep Breathing
4. April Flowers
5. Say Anything
6. (untitled) (eventually named "Before The Fall")
7. Rain, Rain, Rain
8. Stand In The Sun
9. Don't Be Long

Support: Fifth Business, The Deloreans.

Photos from the Show:

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