Friday, January 2nd, 2004: The Horseshoe Tavern

The familiar stage of The Horseshoe welcomed The Daybreak once again as they opened up the "alternative" new year at the club. The band was very happy to share the stage with once again with Rebel Emergency, as well as Shaker and The Candidates.

The set began with "Staircase", particularly notable on this night with a new intro and then moved into a rollicking version of "Twice as High as The Sun". "Fall Apart" appeared in the set once again and was followed by the always energetic "Shuffle". The set closed out with the classic pop-rock of "Hindsight", the psychadelic groove of "This Is Love" and the unparalleled intensity of "Don't Be Long".

The band would like to thank Craig for the show, the other bands for sharing gear and being kind, Adam for the sound and everyone who came out to show support. Happy New Year.

Set List:
1. Staircase
2. Twice as High as the Sun
3. Fall Apart
4. Shuffle
5. Hindsight
6. This Is Love
7. Don't Be Long

Support: Shaker, Rebel Emergency, The Candidates

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