Thursday, May 20, 2004: The Horseshoe

Recently, The Daybreak ascended the stage of The Horseshoe Tavern for a Thursday night party. The band, although tired from a good deal of recent time in the studio (get excited - new recordings coming soon!) the boys put on an entertaining and relaxed show for the Queen Street crowd.

The boys opened the set with 'Miss California' (N.B. This song is just mixed and up on the audio page.) and moved into 'Fall Apart'. The classic pairing caught the audience by surprise, 'Fall Apart' having not been part of a Daybreak set in many months. Next up was 'Twice As High As The Sun' which was followed by 'Shuffle'. 'Staircase' and 'This Is Love' closed out the set.

The boys say "thanks" to Amy and Craig for the show, Kip for the sound and the dedicated team that came out to clap and drink. Kudos. Also, thanks to the other bands who put on great sets and were both extremely nice and extremely talented.

Rob: "You won't hear a better song tonight."
Shoe: "What about this next one?"
Rob: "Right. Except for this next one."
Rob, offering some between song banter following 'Staircase'.

Set List:
1. Miss California
2. Fall Apart
3. Twice As High As The Sun
4. Shuffle
5. Staircase
6. This Is Love

Support: Frontier Index, The Standard, Lucas

Check this out! A sketch of the band drawn by Matt Rose at our last show.
Click here - this is sexy, sexy, sexy!

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