Wednesday, October 16, 2002: The Horseshoe

The Daybreak performed their second live show and made their second live appearance on the stage of the Horseshoe Tavern. The show was a resounding success and a huge improvement upon their debut August gig (which was still very good!). The band was tighter and smoother and way more energized, helped along by a packed house full of supporters making lots of noise and bouncing and rocking along with us up at the front of the stage. We can boast of the only fans that were that intense, as no spectators hit the dance floor except for The Daybreak fans.

All the songs went over well again, with the amps screaming and the drums pounding. New songs "Stepping Stone" and "(New Instrumental)" were warmly received with people bouncing along to "Stepping Stone" and simply feasting on the rock and roll sound extravaganza that was the instrumental jam. Big show stoppers "Stand In The Sun" and "Don't Be Long" closed the gig off with a flurry of guitars and beats, ending in total chaos, blood, broken strings, and battered cymbals.

Everyone involved had a lot of fun and The Daybreak would like to thank everybody for coming out and supporting. Much thanks also to show closers Canteen who delivered an energetic and entertaining set and were a great bunch of people. Best of luck to Canteen.

Set List:
1. How Long Can We Wait?
2. Keep Breathing
3. April Flowers
4. Stepping Stone
5. Say Anything
6. Before The Fall
7. Rain, Rain, Rain
8. (New Instrumental) (sometimes also known as "Kaleidoscope")
9. Stand In The Sun
10. Don't Be Long

Support: Sandcastle Theory, Canteen.

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