Thursday, September 15, 2005: The Horseshoe

Back to The Horseshoe, after far too long and, for many, back to school after far too ... short? The Daybreak teed it up at The Horseshoe Tavern - a club deserving of the adjective "Legendary" - for the tenth time, and welcomed the team back to Toronto with a big-time set for a packed house.

Despite planning to open with "Miss California", the band was forced to slightly shorten their set, and opened up with song number 2, "Fall Apart", the leadoff track from the bands' first EP, Everything In-Between, and the first song by the band to garner notable commercial radio play. Despite not having played the song in over a year the tune still sounded new, and clearly remained fresh in the musical minds of the band's loyal fans. The response began as surprise, and quickly turned to excitement. Next up was "Hindsight" and then "88", the newest song of The Daybreak's set and a tune showcasing the group's skill at riding a great mid-tempo groove, la "Twice As High As The Sun". "Shuffle" took the energy to the max, and the rewritten "Only Everything" showed off The Daybreak's strong rock influences with a potent mix of Stone Roses, Smashing Pumpkins and Cream discernable in the soundscape. The set closed up with "When I Need You The Most". The crowd response was per usual: big time.

Thanks to Craig for the show, and to the staff at The Horseshoe for the great sound, etc. Thanks also to the other bands for sharing gear and for providing great sets. Of course, top kudos go to our fans and friends for coming out and being boisterous. We all really appreciate your support.

Set List:
1. Fall Apart
2. Hindsight
3. 88
4. Shuffle
5. Only Everything
6. When I Need You The Most

Support: The Navigators, fifth projekt.

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