Thursday, April 14th: Lee's Palace

CD RELEASE PARTY - "these lines in your eyes"

Finally. Vindication. This past Thursday night saw The Daybreak take to the familiar stage of Lee’s Palace, officially launching their second EP, “these lines in your eyes”. Although not available in stores or online until the following Tuesday, April 19th, the band was happy to indulge those fans who came for the show with copies a few days earlier and a few dollars cheaper. Fans showed up in force to support the band as they began a very busy promotional schedule in support of their new album.

The Daybreak opened the set as they opened the record: with “Miss California”. The familiar opener enticed Daybreak fans and others onto the floor in front of the stage and prepared the group for the nights’ sonic onslaught. “Shuffle” followed and clearly wormed its way into everyone’s body, as the crowd danced and sang along with the trademark tune. Next up was “Twice As High As The Sun” and “Hindsight”, a long time pair and long time favourites.

The band took the opportunity to debut a new song on this night, just as they debuted two new songs at their last CD release. “Only Everything”, a song centred around Pat’s inspired bass line featured tempo and dynamic shifts, and a superb mix of heavily distorted guitars and tasteful melody. The crowd responded with great excitement to the new song and “Only Everything” looks to become a set list staple. The band racheted the energy up again with the crowd-pleasing, infectious dance-rock anthem that is “When I Need You The Most”, and capped everything off with a version of “Don’t Be Long” that can only be described as “violent”. Violent is good.

Finally to the CD, the reason for the whole night: everyone was thrilled with the new record. The Daybreak have been waiting a long time to release something new, and the patience has clearly paid off. Everyone who picked up a copy of the record was quick to compliment the outstanding design and will be quick to enjoy (we hope) the great sound of the album. The record features 6 studio tracks clocking in at over 32 minutes, all the results of the bands’ 2005 sessions with “Everything In-Between” producer Eric Bridenbaker. Songs on "these lines in your eyes", released on Pure Violet Records, are: “Miss California”, “Shuffle”, “Hindsight”, “Staircase”, “Twice As High As The Sun” and “Promises Disappear (Let Me Say I’m Sorry)".

Another great show at Lee’s, another very successful CD Release for the band. Thanks to Eric for the great sound on the album, to Jenn for the fantastic design, to Amy for the show, to the other bands, and to everyone who came out for the show – we hope you had a great time too.

Set List:
1. Miss California
2. Shuffle
3. Twice As High As The Sun>
4. Hindsight
5. Only Everything
6. When I Need You The Most
7. Don’t Be Long

Support: Outer Ashes, Kimberly O'Connor

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