Thursday, December 19th: Lee's Palace

The Daybreak's fourth show saw the band once again take the stage of Lee's Palace. Having been enthusiastically welcomed back to the club, fans of the band showed up in force to cheer on the boys and celebrate the holidays.

The band opened their set with new song "Fall Apart", a dark and very powerful Shoe composition. The song got the crowd ready for a night of power rock and melodic pop, and was as well recieved as any of the other old favourites. "Before the Fall" seemed to resonate with the crowd more than ever, the dynamic tension building as Shoe's solo and Rob's vibrato lines screeched and fedback into a wall of sound that almost became too much to bear, suddenly dying into a cyclical and rolling guitar and drum conclusion. The Instrumental saw Shoe beat his guitar to sonic pieces, while Rob stood on the house PA and Thomas dragged his bass on the stage.

The band closed out with "Keep Breathing" and "Don't Be Long", which was as long and aggressive as ever. "Keep Breathing", possibly the band's signature tune, was happily received by the crowd who joined along with Shoe singing "I'll never let you go".

Many thanks to the staff at Lee's Palace who were helpful and kind - from the sound techs (Thanks again, Eric!), to the bar staff - to Accentus and Swank Machine, who once again provided a great climax to a great night, and especially to all our friends, family and fans who are so supportive that it's overwhelming.

Set List:
1. Fall Apart
2. Rain, Rain, Rain
3. Stepping Stone
4. Say Anything
5. How Long Can We Wait?
6. Stand in the Sun
7. Before The Fall
8. Instrumental
9. Keep Breathing
10. Don't Be Long

Support: Accentus, SwankMachine.

Photos from the show:

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