Wednesday, February 19th: Lee's Palace


For the second time in as many weeks The Daybreak took to the stage of Lee's Palace. This show was very special as the band was opening for The Music, one of the UK's hottest acts, and sure to quickly conquer North America as well. The night was certain to be an event, with a great deal of buzz surrounding The Music, and a happy little bit of the same reserved for The Daybreak. The Star proclaimed that the show would be a "full-on rawk spectacle" and indeed it was.

The boys were excited and nervous to share the stage with The Music - they were very kind and encouraging, happily signing all the stuff the band had brought to the show, and taking the time to chat. It was great fun to watch the band soundcheck - especially their version of "Getaway".

At about 9:20pm The Daybreak took to the stage, in front of a sold out house of about 500 spectators. The set showcased the more aggressive side of the band - "This Is Love" being especially intense - but with some more melodic rock and pop thrown in for good measure. The show climaxed with "Don't Be Long" and its traditional chaos. The crowd at the front even asked for some drumstick souvenirs.

The boys then settled in to watch The Music. Certainly everyone present will agree that their show was nothing short of spectacular. The performance had it all - great songs, crazy lights, smoke, and of course dancing.

After the show the boys were very happily surprised to be asked for autographs by several people. Some others wanted to get pictures with the band. Still others were asking about where to get a T-Shirt or a CD (sadly nothing yet, but it's all in the works). Far too much fun. A great night for the band, and hopefully for everyone who came out.

The Daybreak have to thank a lot of people for helping with this big show: First, Amy at Lee's Palace and Elliot at House of Blues for giving us this great opportunity. Second, all of The Music's crew and staff, as well as the staff at Lee's - big thanks to Brian for his great sound work. Third, to everyone who came out - our friends and families, as well as Rob Sanzo and Now Magazine - and especially to those in the front row. Finally, thanks to The Music for giving us the chance to share the stage with them, and for being patient and kind while having 4 fans hanging around them for hours. Thank you all again.

Set List:
1. Fall Apart
2. Keep Breathing
3. Stepping Stone
4. Instrumental
5. This Is Love
6. Don't Be Long

Support: The Daybreak supported The Music

Photos from the Show:

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