Thursday, February 6th: Lee's Palace

Once again, The Daybreak took to the stage of Lee's Palace. The band played their first show since being warmly recieved at The Emergenza Festival in January, and happily provided a much longer set for the large crowd in attendance.

The band opened the show darkly with "Fall Apart", and then moved into the unrepenting "How Long Can We Wait?". The pairing left many in the crowd taken aback at the raw energy of the performance. Next up was the return of "April Flowers" to the band's set. "Say Anything", "Keep Breathing", and "Stepping Stone" showcased the melodic prowess of the band, with many people singing along to all three tunes.

The Daybreak closed out the set with more of the dark, groove-based rock that is becoming their trademark. The Instrumental was more powerful than ever, and "Don't Be Long" was intense, to say the least. The band debuted "This Is Love" at this show, and the crowd seemed almost mesmerized by the emotion and energy present in the song.

The band would like to thank Round2 and Vegasphere, who both put on fantastic performances, as well as Eric who, as always, did a great job. Of course, many thanks go to the staff at Lee's and to our friends and fans for their support.

Lastly, The Daybreak also played their first show without Thomas Preston, who left the band a few weeks after The Emergenza Festival. The band is disappointed at Thomas's departure and thanks him for all his hard work over the last year. We wish Thomas the best of luck in the future.

Set List:
1. Fall Apart
2. How Long Can We Wait?
3. April Flowers
4. Say Anything
5. Keep Breathing
6. Instrumental
7. Stepping Stone
8. Rain, Rain, Rain
9. This Is Love
10. Don't Be Long

Support: Round2, Vegasphere.

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