Friday, January 7th, 2005: Lee's Palace

First show of the new year. One down, a bunch to go. The Daybreak climbed the steps of the fabled Lee's Palace stage again on Friday and started the New Year with a bang.

The boys opened with "This Is Love" - the power and raw emotion of the opener clearly captivated many in the audience - and then moved to the always intense "Shuffle". Next was the trippy, slow groove of "Twice As High As the Sun" and then the return of "Let Me Say I'm Sorry", not performed live by the band in almost a year (coincidentally last played at Lee's) but still fresh and moving. The band moved into the passionate pop of "Hindsight" - just announced as the song which will become the band's first music video in March - and then segued into the Cure-esque "Chance". Featuring achingly gradual builds, instant denouements, and superlative guitar interplay between Shoe and Malcolm, the song won over the attention of not a few onlookers. The band capped the night with superb new dance anthem "When I Need You the Most" and closed with the classic "Don't Be Long" which, of course, was long. And loud.

The band thanks everyone for coming out to support, Amy for the show, Ron for the sound and to the other bands, Sian Evans and Maybrick for great sets and for sharing gear. Rep. Next show, fingers crossed, will be the CD release, at long last.

Set List:
1. This Is Love
2. Shuffle
3. Twice As High As The Sun
4. Let Me Say I'm Sorry
5. Hindsight
6. Chance
7. When I Need You The Most
8. Don't Be Long

Support: Sian Evans, Maybrick

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