Thursday, July 17th, 2003: Lee's Palace

Once again, The Daybreak returned to the stage of Lee's Palace to play their final show of a very busy summer 2003. The band will now concentrate on the mastering and production of their upcoming EP, due for release at the end of August or early September. Obviously wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to leave a strong impression with fans, the band performed spectacularly and put together one of their very best shows to date.

The band opened the set with 'Miss California' and then moved into it's sister song, 'Fall Apart'. Next up was 'Hindsight', still fresh and energetic after its Horseshoe debut and clearly remembered by the large crowd. 'Keep Breathing' followed and then came 'Shuffle'. Clearly a favourite of many in the crowd, the evening was taken to a higher level with the song, and continued in kind for the remainder of the set. The crowd response, although different, was equally strong for 'Say Anything' and 'This Is Love'. The boys closed out with 'Sleep Lightly' and a very moving and powerful rendition of 'Don't Be Long'. Many in the crowd were stunned at the energy of the show and The Daybreak left the stage primed for the other excellent bands on the bill, Tenth Planet and The Fridays.

Thank you's go out to Eric for the fantastic sound, Amy for the show, to both the bands for being nice guys and putting on great sets (and for supplying much of the gear) and most definitely to everyone who showed up in numbers - thanks very much to you all. Reunification is a beautiful thing.

Set List:
1. Miss California
2. Fall Apart
3. Hindsight
4. Keep Breathing
5. Shuffle
6. Say Anything
7. This Is Love
8. Sleep Lightly
9. Don't Be Long

Support: Tenth Planet, The Fridays

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