Friday, June 6th, 2003: Lee's Palace


The Daybreak continued their recent tradition of last minute Friday night shows by stepping up to the plate for a NXNE Showcase at Lee's Palace. The boys were excited to play a show which had been declared one of the ones not to miss at the festival by several local papers.

The band opened with the signature "Keep Breathing" and then pushed the set hard right away with fan favourite, "Shuffle", which literally forced many in the crowd to dance with it's unrelenting drive. "Stepping Stone" followed and kept the melodic and upbeat feel going. Next up was "Miss California" - moved from its opening slot since the first time since its debut show - and "Fall Apart". The band closed out with "This Is Love" and "Don't Be Long" both of which rocked as hard as ever.

The chance to showcase at NXNE at one of the biggest shows was much appreciated by the band. Thanks to Ewan and Craig at ATG Concerts and Amy at Lee's Palace for the opportuity, to Eric for creating an unstoppable sound and to everyone who came out to watch. Ultimate Kudos to you.

Set List:
1. Keep Breathing
2. Shuffle
3. Stepping Stone
4. Miss California
5. Fall Apart
6. This Is Love
7. Don't Be Long

Support: The Salads, All Systems Go!, Adam Franklin, Robin Black and The Intergalactic Rockstars

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