Saturday, October 16th, 2003: Lee's Palace

For last weekend at least, Saturday Night Live meant The Daybreak onstage at Lee's Palace. The team excitedly took to the stage of the hallowed Toronto club anxious to play to the assembled crew.

"This Is Love" opened the set for the second show in a row, and was followed by the more traditional opener of "Miss California". The boys then rollicked into an aggressive and punishing rendition of "Shuffle". Next up was the rarely heard "Lies About Your Life", the band's salute to classic rock - big guitars, big drums, big bass, big everything. "Try All The Time" showcased the dynamic restraint of the group with its paced and steady crescendo. Freshly mixed "Staircase" was appropriately relentless and "When I Need You The Most" caught the ears of everyone in the house. The band did not disappoint in the home stretch, closing the show with a strong "Don't Be Long".

Thanks to everyone who came out, to Ron for the sound, the staff at Lee's and to Contact and The Moonshine Riders for great sets.

Set List:
1. This Is Love
2. Miss California
3. Shuffle
4. Lies About Your Life
5. Try All The Time
6. Staircase
7. When I Need You The Most
8. Don't Be Long

Support: Contact, The Moonshine Riders

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