Thursday, October 23rd, 2003: Lee's Palace

Lucky number 7. The Daybreak ventured onto the stage of Lee's Palace for the seventh time last Thursday, alongside two other great acts, Sian Evans and Beautiful 2000. Having taken over a month off from live shows, the band was excited to get on stage again, and a crowded club responded in kind.

The band brought back the tradition, opening the show with "Miss California", whose jangly pop melody caught many of Sian Evans' fans by surprise. The song was followed by "Twice as High as The Sun", ripe with intensity and entirely unrelenting. The set also marked the return of "The Egg" a.k.a "Promises Disappear (Let Me Say I'm Sorry)", which awed many fans with its emotional resonance. Other notable songs of the night were "Sleep Lightly" - back in the set after a two month absence, "Shuffle" - powerful and addictive, and an endless rendition of "Don't Be Long" which closed furiously polished off a solid set.

Thanks to Sian Evans and Beautiful 2000 for great sets, and for being very good to hang around, to everyone who came to the show, to Amy for the show itself and finally to Eric - for the sound and for the CD.

Set List:
1. Miss California
2. Twice as High as The Sun
3. Stepping Stone
4. Keep Breathing
5. Sleep Lightly
6. Shuffle
7. Hindsight
8. Promises Disappear (Let Me Say I'm Sorry)
9. Don't Be Long

Support: Sian Evans, Beautiful 2000

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