Monday, October 28th: Lee's Palace

The third live performance by The Daybreak took place at Lee's Palace. Playing this venue was a particular thrill for the band as so many of their favourite acts had rocked the very same stage. It also saw the band perform to their biggest crowd to date - about 200. The boys have already been invited to return to Lee's.

The band opened the show with the powerful "Instrumental", largely because of so much positive feedback from the last show. (Check the audio section to hear the power of this tune.) The set quickly progressed through The Daybreak's best known songs, with the crowd singing along to some of Shoe's unforgettable lyrics. "Say Anything", quickly becoming a favourite, was especially moving.

The show climaxed with the classic pairing of "Stand in the Sun" and "Don't Be Long". The later song only finishing (as fans will know) when Shoe could no longer sing, Thomas's bass was face down on stage, Rob was left with three strings on his guitar, and Mike had wimped out predictably.

The band also celebrated a surprise reunion with John Pacheco, one of the producers of their first recordings from mid-May. John and his band, Swank Machine, closed the show out with a big set. Hopefully, the two bands will be sharing this stage again soon.

Set List:
1. Instrumental
2. Keep Breathing
3. Stepping Stone
4. April Flowers
5. Rain, Rain, Rain
6. Say Anything
7. Before The Fall
8. How Long Can We Wait?
9. Stand In The Sun
10. Don't Be Long

Support: The John Walker Band, SwankMachine.

Photos from the show:

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