Thursday, September 16th: Lee's Palace

With school back in session The Daybreak took their rock extravaganza back to Lee's Palace to start the year off right. The boys were excited to share the stage with two talented bands from Goderich, ON in State of Blake and The Ashgrove. The night proved to be the massive party the band and the crowd had hoped for, with the audience swaying in unison, singing along with the entire set, and dancing to 'Shuffle' as if they were hearing the song at a Richmond St. dance club, "This Is London" perhaps.

The set opened with "This Is Love", dramatically shortened to open the set with power and intensity. Although the new version was extremely well received by the crowd not a few people were disappointed to not get the full version of the song complete with its many breakdowns and extended jams - maybe at the next show. The band then segued directly into "Twice As High As The Sun" and the crowd responded strongly to the popular tune. Next up was a very driving version of "Hindsight" and "Try All The Time" - soft, thoughtful and passionate the song clearly resonated with the audience and offered a break from the full on rock onslaught of the rest of the set. The Daybreak then kicked the set into high gear with "Shuffle". Unquestionably the crowd favourite the song saw the entire floor of the club shouting out the chorus and dancing to the frenzied rythym. "Shuffle" was followed by new song "When I Need You The Most", another propulsive, driving dance-rock tune that, judging from the crowd's reaction, will have a long life in Daybreak sets. The band closed with "Staircase" and "Don't Be Long", leaving the stage to loud and long cheers from the audience and even a group bow a la Wayne's World from those on the floor. Wow!

Thanks to The Ashgrove and State of Blake for the great sets, helping with gear, and for being high quality; to Ron for the sound as well as the rest of the staff at the club and to Amy for the show. Finally the biggest thanks have to go out to the fans who came out. Without a doubt our most vocal, energetic,, and encouraging crowd to date it was a tremendous pleasure to play to such a responsive crew. We had a great time and we're very glad that it seems you did too. Thanks for coming to the show. Also, Alex is the don.

Set List:
1. This Is Love
2. Twice As High As The Sun
3. Hindsight
4. Try All The Time
5. Shuffle
6. When I Need You The Most
7. Staircase
8. Don't Be Long

Support: The Ashgrove, State of Blake

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