The Killers Great band out of Las Vegas. We opened up for them at The Mod Club. Great night, great lights, great band.
stellastarr* Truly fantastic band out of New York. We had the pleasure of opening for them last year.
Leviride Superb local band who put on one hell of a great show.
Showroom Very solid Toronto band with a Smiths/Marr/Moz vibe.
Sian Evans Great local singer/songwriter with terrific energy. This girl likes to rock. Check her out and you will have fun.
Wannamaker A band to watch out for.
The Music They let us open for them. God Bless The Music.
Plastic Bag Eric's band (see below). Solid in every way. The Loudest Band in Toronto.

Pop Noir A great DJ spinning fantastuc indie tunes.
Eric Bridenbaker By far our very favourite live sound guy and the producer of "Everything In-Between" and "these lines in your eyes". If this site is not working, check out Plastic Bag
Jenn Lawrence A brilliant Toronto-based artist and designer who created the art and layout for our new record, "these lines in your eyes".
Peter Lytwyniuk Head of Fresh Union Design and the man behind much of The Daybreak's art, posters, and postcards.
Fresh Union Design: 416-885-1102.
Jeff Mann Excellent local designer who created the layout and design for the band's first record, "Everything In-Between".
Brendan Fenn Great Toronto-based photographer. His work features prominently in the first Daybreak E.P.
Matthew Rose Extremely talented Toronto-based artist who sketches bands on the side. He was kind enough to do one of us - click here if you've yet to see it, or click his name to the left to be taken to his site.
The Original Sin Underground Internet Music Zine - Lots of good stuff here...check it out.
Plexus Another underground music site. Reviews of many good unsigned bands (including us).
Rotate This Excellent local record store which stocks a wide variety of plain old good music. On Queen, just west of Bathurst.

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