Saturday, May 14th: Lot 16

Acoustic Daybreak was back in effect so full that Fat Albert might say “no thanks” to a second helping. The crowd, however, couldn’t turn down dessert, despite the massive unplugged sonic onslaught served up at Daybreak restaurant by 4 waiters named Shoe, Pat, James and Mike. (Translation: The Daybreak played an acoustic show at Lot 16 this past Saturday)

The band opened with “Hindsight” and segued into “Miss California”. The shimmering pop of the pairing captured the attention of those in the bar and the band took advantage by moving into the slow groove of “Twice As High As The Sun” and “Only Everything”. Next up was “By Your Side”, a brand new pop song debuted on this night and very well received. The upbeat song with a delicious walking bass line, jangly guitars, and Shoe’s trademark bittersweet lyrics further displays the band’s recent creative renaissance. Next up was “Don’t Be Long”, moved from the closing slot for only the 3rd time. The excellent rendition was not to be missed and a few fresh-air-seekers out front quickly re-entered the bar upon hearing the brilliant harmonies. The night was closed off with “When I Need You the Most” and “Chance”, which served as the cherry on top of the sundae.

The night also featured Shoe’s solo debut – as a DJ – and he put together 2 excellent sets of Brit Pop, Shoegazer, New Wave and the like. DJ Lawrence, the man behind Pop Noir spun between Shoe and the night was a fantastic time for all who attended. Thanks to Lawrence and the staff at Lot 16 for your hospitality and to those who came out to the show and shared drinks before, after, or during the set. Good to see the gang, as always.

Set List:
1. Hindsight
2. Miss California
3. Twice As High As The Sun
4. Only Everything
5. By Your Side
6. Don't Be Long
7. When I Need You The Most
8. Chance

Support: The Daybreak opened up the Pop Noir night again.

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