Saturday, November 13th: Lot 16

After more than a few suggestions from fans and friends, and a few attempts on behalf of the band, The Daybreak finally unplugged their relentlessly loud live show to perform acoustically for the first time. The show was organized by our friend Lawrence Stairs, the man behind the very popular Pop Noir nights, and the hour-long set from the band proved the perfect opening to his night of terrific DJ-ing.

The boys opened with "This Is Love" and moved into "Miss California". Although the audience was taken slightly aback at hearing the familiar songs played so differently, they seemed to instantly enjoy the new versions. Next up was "Staircase", followed by "Twice As High As The Sun", which had a palapable groove with a more jazzy feel. "Try All The Time" was thoughtful and restrained and showcased Shoe's strong lyrics and heartfelt delivery. An acoustic "Shuffle" proved to be a set highlight, while "Don't Be Long" found itself in the heart of a set for the first time. "Hindsight" was the penultimate song of the night and "When I Need You The Most" closed out the set with a perfect mix of energy and subtlety.

Thanks to Lawrence for organzining everything (the first song of his set was "Shuffle", which was decent), to the staff and management of Lot 16 and to everyone who came out for the show. Great times - no question. Looking forward to doing it again.

Set List:
1. This Is Love
2. Miss California
3. Staircase
4. Twice As High As The Sun
5. Try All The Time
6. Shuffle
7. Dont' Be Long
8. Hindsight
9. When I Need You The Most

Support: The Daybreak opened up the Pop Noir night

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