Saturday, October 15th: Lot 16

The Daybreak returned to the atmospheric Lot 16 for their third 'acoustic'perfomance at that venue, as part of the Pop Noir night put on by DJ Lawrence. It should be noted that the band decided for this show not to use acoustic guitars, but at the same time, did not resort to the same bombast associated with their regular live performances.

Throwing caution to the proverbial wind, the band decided not to make a set list beforehand, and instead chose what songs to play as they went along. Therefore, it is impossible to exactly recount what songs were played. However, the show did open with a moody version of 'Only Everything'. Older material like 'Fall Apart' was given an a new interpretation, that highlighted the song's fragile nature. New favourites like '88' and 'When I Need You The Most' captured the imagination of the crowd. And as an unexpected treat to fans who showed up, the show featured Shoe by himself, closing the performance with an old Daybreak song, 'Keep Breathing'.

As always, kudos belong to DJ Lawrence, for having the band back once again. As well, the staff at Lot 16 were as gracious as ever. The band looks forward to returning to Lot 16 in the future.

Set List:
Unknown, though songs played included Only Everything, 88, Fall Apart, When I Need You The Most, Twice As High As The Sun, Hindsight, Chance, Don't Be Long, Keep Breathing

Support: The Daybreak opened up the Pop Noir night again.

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