Tuesday, April 6th: The Mod Club Theatre


After much anticipation on the part of the band and their fans, The Daybreak loaded in at The Mod Club Theatre to open a huge show for stellastarr* and The Killers. Excited just to be seeing two of their favourite bands in action, the boys were thrilled to present their own material to the packed house.

The band opened with 'Miss California' before moving into a tight and powerful version of 'Staircase', which captured the ears of many in the club. Next was 'Hindsight' which was followed by a tune enjoying a good deal of mainstream radio play as of late in 'Twice As High As The Sun'. The band was very pleased to discover that they were 102.1 The Edge's "New Rock Preview" on Monday, an extremely prestigious honour for which the group is very thankful. The set closed out with a punchy and energetic 'Shuffle' and a 'Don't Be Long' which was called one of the best versions the band has yet performed. The general consensus amongst Daybreak fans in attendance was that this was the bands best show to date and the boys were clearly excited to play to a full house and alongside two immensely talented bands.

The night also saw the release of the band's two song, double A-side promo single which features the new studio versions of 'Twice As High As The Sun' and 'Hindsight'. The hand-numbered CD's seemed well received by the crowd - hopefully the songs are equally well enjoyed.

The band then sat back to enjoy brilliant sets by The Killers and stellastarr*. Both bands performed spectacularly and were kind enough to let the band get some time with them both before and after the show.

It was a great night for The Daybreak. Thanks to both bands for the opportunity and your hospitality, to Emerge Productions for putting the show together, to the crew who made us sound infinitely better than we ever have, to everyone who came out (we hope you had as much fun as we did) and to Barry Taylor, Mike Rice and Dave Bookman at The Edge for all your recent support.

Set List:
1. Miss California
2. Staircase
3. Hindsight
4. Twice As High As The Sun
5. Shuffle
6. Don't Be Long

Support: The Daybreak supported stellastarr* and The Killers.

Photos from the Show:

To see some more photos taken after the show, click here.

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