Pat Bramm

Age: 21

Equipment: A bass guitar and a whole lotta love (Fender Precision Bass).

School: U of T (University College) - Double Major in Psychology and Philosophy

Some Favourite Artists: Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Sloan, Coldplay, The Doors, Hayden, Cat Stevens, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Daybreak of course......

Essential Albums: Radiohead - "The Bends" and "O.K. Computer", Pink Floyd - "Wish You Were Here", "The Wall", "Dark Side of the Moon", Sloan - "One Chord To Another", Hayden - "Skyscraper National Park", The Closer I Get", "Everything I Long For", Cat Stevens - "Tea for the Tillerman", Coldplay - "Parachutes", Amelie - "soundtrack".

Message from Pat:

Thanks for the support. The improvement of skills has been drastic, or has it? Let's do this.
End Communication. F.R.A.H.M.

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