Saturday, August 30th: Rancho Relaxo

CD RELEASE PARTY - "Everything In-Between"

After months of requests and many anxious days leading up to August 30th, The Daybreak officially released their debut E.P., "Everything In-Between", in front of an intimate crowd of friends, family and fans at Rancho Relaxo. The show included performances by one other excellent buddy band of The Daybreak, Wannamaker, who played with the boys at The 360 in July. Ottawa's The Wellwishers, scheduled to open the show were unable to make the trip down due to illness. We are all hoping that everything turns out well for these guys and will look forward to joining them onstage in the future.

The Daybreak opened the show with "Fall Apart", the debut track off the new record and followed up with "Stepping Stone". The boys then moved into a tremendous version of "Hindsight", a song whose popularity seems to grow with each show. The set list also included "Say Anything", the 'infectious-as-hell' "Shuffle" and closed with an endless "This Is Love".

The set also featured the debut of two new songs. The first, "Twice as High as the Sun" was a slower, groove-based epic, with brilliant guitar riffs and a thunderous bass line. The other, "Promises Disappear (Let Me Say I'm Sorry)" was a slower, intensely emotional rock-ballad which resonanted almost immediately with the crowd. Both songs were extremely well received and only served to showcase the rapidly increasing diversity and skill of the band.

As for the record, the release could not have been better. Compliments were generous and constant for all aspects of the E.P. - from the striking design and photography to the musical content of the disc itself - and many copies were sold and hopefully, enjoyed. The E.P. was officially released on Pure Violet Records, a Toronto-based independent label and featured five songs. The first three - "Fall Apart", "Stepping Stone" and "Say Anything" - were culled from the bands Winter 2003 sessions with producer Eric Bridenbaker, while the final two - "Shuffle" and "This is Love" - were taken from The Daybreak's April 15th Edge Nu Music Night performance at The Horseshoe Tavern, a show widely touted as one of the bands best. The combination allows the record to showcase both the power and energy of the bands live performance and the nuance and subtelty of the songs themselves.

It was undoubtedly a good night. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show and to everyone who picked up a copy of the record, once more to Eric for his great production, to Jeff for the design, Brendan for the photos, Sean at Rancho for the show and to Wannamaker for providing a fantastic closing set. Looking forward to doing it again soon.

Set List:
1. Fall Apart
2. Stepping Stone
3. Hindsight
4. Twice as High as the Sun
5. Say Anything
6. Shuffle
7. Promises Disappear (Let Me Say I'm Sorry)
8. This Is Love

Support: Wannamaker

Photos from this show:

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