Friday, July 29, 2005: Rancho Relaxo

After an absence of almost one year, The Daybreak returned to the stage of Rancho Relaxo, the College Street institution that continues to draw the best of independent bands.

The set opened with "Miss California" before a powerful and energetic version of "When I Need You The Most", which has certainly become one of the most if not the most popular Daybreak song. This combination was followed by "Staircase," one of the most striking tracks from the band's most recent EP. "Staircase" melded into "Shuffle", The Daybreak's dance anthem. The band's version of "Twice as High as The Sun" was hampered by technical problems. But for good measure, the band teased the crowd with an instrumental version of "88", one of the most recent additions to the band's repetoire.

Thanks to everyone at the Rancho for all of their help. Special thanks to The Amber Room, who shared the stage with The Daybreak, and put on a fantastic show in their own right.

Set List:
1. Miss California
2. When I Need You The Most
3. Staircare
4. Shuffle
5. Twice As High As The Sun
6. 88

Support: The Amber Room

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