Sunday, May 25th, 2003: The Reverb

After a long hiatus The Daybreak finally returned to the stage at The Reverb. Fans were clearly excited for the chance to see the band again, as some travelled from as far away as Rochester, NY and Washington, DC to attend. The boys did not disappoint anyone in attendance as the solidified lineup of the band has tigtened the proverbial screws of The Daybreak to levels of rockdom not previously seen. Again, the shorter set required by the festival allowed the band to showcase some of their strongest songs, and the crowd responded to the perfomance in kind.

For the second show in a row "Miss California" opened the set. The song was extremely well received both during and after the show, as many fans commented on the tune. Next up was the pairing of "Fall Apart" and "Keep Breathing", favourites of many in attendance. "Shuffle", perhaps the most unrelenting song the band has yet produced followed up and "This Is Love", always overwhelming, closed out a very strong set.

As far as the competition aspect of the festival goes, The Daybreak were very pleased to take second place. Obviously the boys would have loved to move on to the next round, however kudos have to go out to Zeroscape who put on a solid show and were deserving winners. Best of luck to them in the final round.

Finally, huge thanks have to go out to everyone who came out to support the band. We are constantly overwhelmed by all the people who are there to help us out. Very big thanks have to go out to everyone who spent the big dollars (sorry) and suffered through an extra long Monday to come out. Without a doubt the biggest thanks go out to our American fans: thanks to Kayla, and to Alex and all his friends for making such a long trip for such a short set. The beard kicks some hard ass.

Set List:
1. Miss California
2. Fall Apart
3. Keep Breathing
4. Shuffle
5. This Is Love

Support: Zeroscape, Finding Agnus, Danielle Duval, Sixfootgroove, Maximus, Deterrence

Photos from this show:

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