Thursday, November 20th, 2003: The Reverb

At 10pm this past Thursday The Daybreak took to the stage of The Reverb. The band quickly launched into a brief but powerful set in front of the packed house.

The set began with the classic "Fall Apart", always hard and powerful, and then moved into an excellent rendition of "Twice as High as The Sun". Next the band debuted new song "Staircase". The constant dynamic shifting of the song combined with superb lyrics and a passionate performance lead to an extremely positive reaction from all in attendance. The meat of the set featured the crowd-pleasing pairing of "Shuffle" and "Hindsight" and closed with "This Is Love", which could only lead to broken cymbals and strings and blood on guitars.

Thanks to Tenth Planet for coordinating the show, and to Rebel Emergency for a great set. Of course to everyone who came out to support thanks for cheering. See you at the El Mo on December 10.

Set List:
1. Fall Apart
2. Twice as High as The Sun
3. Staircase
4. Shuffle
5. Hindsight
6. This Is Love

Support: Rebel Emergency, Tenth Planet

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