Saturday, July 5th: The 360

For the second time The Daybreak took to the stage of The 360. Happy to have much nicer weather than the first show at this club, the band brought that energy to the stage as they closed out a solid show.

The boys opened the set with 'Hindsight', a new and epic sounding composition, with shades of The Cure, Coldplay and U2, and followed it up closely with a powerful and energetic rendition of 'Keep Breathing'. The set also included 'Miss California', 'Fall Apart' and 'This Is Love'. It was also the first time in several shows that the band performed 'April Flowers', which was a pleasant surprise to many in the crowd. The signature tune of The Daybreak in the early stages of the band the song was obviously remembered by a large majority of the fans. The band closed out with a 'Sleep Lightly', a dark and powerful tune just debuted at the last Horseshoe show, 'Say Anything' and 'Shuffle', energetically capping off a great show.

Thanks to the staff at The 360 - especially Jesse - and to Wannamaker, Warden and Shyne Factory who all put on excellent shows and were great guys. As always the biggest thanks go out to everyone who came out to cheer us on. See you at Lee's.

Set List:
1. Hindsight
2. Keep Breathing
3. Miss California
4. Fall Apart
5. April Flowers
6. This Is Love
7. Sleep Lightly
8. Say Anything
9. Shuffle

Support: Warden, Wannamaker, Shyne Factory

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