Saturday, March 8th: The 360

Fresh off their very successful show with The Music, The Daybreak took to the stage of The 360. As is becoming a tradition, the weather consipred against the band - an otherwise beautiful and mild stretch turned into pouring, freezing rain. Even this couldn't stop The Daybreak's dedicated fans from showing up at the club to show their support.

The boys opened the set with 'Fall Apart', and followed it up closely with a bouncy and energetic rendition of 'Stepping Stone'. The set also included a strong selection of vintage material with 'Keep Breathing', 'Say Anything', and 'April Flowers' - the very first Daybreak song. It was also the first time in several shows that the band performed 'Stand In The Sun', much to the delight of the crowd. The band closed out with a "brilliant" version of 'This Is Love', a song quickly becoming favourite, and emphatically capped off the sonic feast, leaving the crowd sated and smiling.

The Daybreak were very pleased to play this show with Pat Bramm on bass. Pat brings much experience on the guitar and bass, as well as lots of mojo and moxy. The Daybreak are very happy to have Pat in the fold.

Thanks to the staff at The 360 - especially Jesse - and to The July 26th Movement who put on a great opening set. The biggest thanks go to everyone who braved the weather to come out for the show - here's hoping Spring is on the way soon.

Set List:
1. Fall Apart
2. Stepping Stone
3. April Flowers
4. Keep Breathing
5. Say Anything
6. Stand In The Sun
7. This Is Love

Support: The July 26th Movement, Shooting Ruby's.

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