Friday, September 5th, 2003: U of T Frosh Week

The Daybreak took their show outside for the first time as a part of U of T's annual Frosh Week concert. The opportunity to play outdoors, to a large crowd and with truly massive sound obviously energized the boys as they delivered a powerful and furious set.

The band opened the show with "Fall Apart", which was as loud and hard as ever and immediately segued into "Twice as High as the Sun". The slow, trance-like groove of the song seemed to almost hypnotize both the band and the fans. "This Is Love" followed and was followed in turn by "Hindsight" - with it's timeless melody and restrained power the song showcased the ensemble playing of the band. "Shuffle", arguably the most infectious song of the groups repetoire, pleased many in attendance, including a very large group from Scarborough, who were wonderfully loud and energetic. The group closed out the set with "Don't Be Long", appropriately capping the brief, but very intense performance.

Thanks go out to everyone who came to watch and especially to those who showed up at 11:30 and waited through CCR, to Dylan for the show, and to the sound guys who made the show big and loud (people heard it at the other end of the campus - that's hot). Top kudos for this day go out to Big Rob who bloodied and destroyed not one, but two guitars, as well as his own hands. The man gave it good. For this the kudos are well deserved.

Set List:
1. Fall Apart
2. Twice as High as the Sun
3. This Is Love
4. Hindsight
5. Shuffle
6. Don't Be Long

Support: Not too sure, CCR?

Photos from this show:

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